Power to the Programs

On March 18, 2020, the NJ Department of Developmental Disabilities closed all day programs. For the next 6 months, our residents would have to remain in their group homes until further notice. With consumers learning to live in this “new normal,” our Program Managers had to be creative in coming up with ideas to keep our consumers active and engaged.

In July 2020, Enable launched virtual day program services using Zoom. Several group homes created “art galleries” to display the creative projects designed by our consumers. Our staff also worked hard to teach consumers about the importance of wearing masks, and each consumer received a custom designed mask based on their individual interests.

As of September 28th, Enable’s day programs have re-opened at 25% capacity with a daily rotating roster of individuals from various group homes. In order to ensure our consumers’ and employees’ safety, we must take extra measures in order to clean communal spaces and provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to those that need it. As one might imagine, the cost of these supplies has skyrocketed due to their growing need around the world.

If you would like to make a donation that goes directly toward purchasing PPE supplies in support of our Day Programs and Group Homes, please take some time to visit the link below and make a contribution!

>>Power to the Programs – Donation Form<<

With your help we can continue to provide the highest level of service and security to the individuals we serve.