Quotes from Residential families:

“He is an original resident of the home. He loves living there. It is an inviting and welcoming home.”“The manager has made the home very cozy. It’s beautifully decorated.”

“Enable staff is always encouraging him to participate in new events. They never stop trying.”

“We love the Group Home at Enable.”

“The group home manager has brought stability and a loving family environment.”

Day Services – Family/Guardian comments:

“I love the staff and the consumers. It’s a great mix of wonderful people.”

“Useful activities, good performance, useful day program for my son.”

Family members and guardians consistently rate day services favorably in all areas.

Families reported 100% satisfaction in the following areas:

  • Available activities
  • Opportunity to try new things at program
  • Staff
  • Facility
  • Activities with volunteers

In-Home Supports

“Very good program for the care taker, you have no stress with this program.”
– Statewide Respite worker

“Enable’s Service Coordinator is the best Social Worker I have seen yet, very dedicated.”
– HUD Ross

“The program helps to improve my life quality and let me be happy. Special thanks to Enable’s Service Coordinator for the help and effort to get me into the program.”

“Everyone is helpful and goes the extra mile at Enable”
– Respite